Stories Through The Ages-College Edition

The deadline has passed for “Stories Through The Ages-College Edition”. The short story contest for the Baby Boomers and generations before that will begin in late spring. We must say that from early indications from our judges that the college students across our great nation have set the bar extremely high for the upcoming contests.

We asked the college students to entertain us, make us wonder and stretch our imaginations, all in 4000 words or less. We must pick fifteen stories to be published in our book, but to all who were fueled by the inspiration to create a story, we thank you for your hard work and daring to take a chance in having your work judged. Writing is an art. Judging these stories is subjective. It is very much our opinion that there are no losers. From early indications our job in judging is going to be very difficult.

We at Living Springs Publishers very much want to publish quality books in each edition of our “Stories Through The Ages” series. Again we want to thank the students from all across the country for taking the time to send us your work. It is your talent that will make the book a success.

If you know anyone who enjoys writing, please tell them about our upcoming contests. People can subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when submissions open for the contests.

Contest deadline is March 21, 2017

Get your short stories in before the deadline. There are only 3 more days! The stories we have received so far have been great and we are anxious to start putting the book together.

The contest is open to any person, who at the time of submission, is a full-time student at an accredited University or College in the United States.  So tell all of the college students you know about the contest.

Stories Through the Ages – College Edition will be the first in a series of books presenting short stories from different segments of the population.

We will be accepting submissions through March 21, 2017. The book will be published the summer of 2017.

Visit our contest page for more information.