College Edition 2017 Finalists

Our College Edition 2017 of Stories Through the Ages has generated a remarkable outpouring of words from young people, who don’t seem to be aware that writing is a lost art.

Judging these amazing stories was difficult and a bit daunting. There is no right or wrong, no clear cut guidelines for what makes a successful short story. The judges disagreed often and sometimes with passion but in the end the finalists became apparent by dint of their own merits.

The actual criteria used in determining the value of a story is difficult to delineate but must surely include the obvious factors of plot and depth of character, quality of the prose and reliability of the structure of the story itself—does it make sense?  For our judges and for anyone who reads a story the final proof is in the most important criteria of all: Did we enjoy reading it?

We, at Living Springs Publishers are dedicated to giving voice to those who deserve a chance to tell their story, regardless of age. Our Stories through the Ages series is proud to announce the top fourteen finalists in our inaugural College Edition 2017 short story contest. The top 15 stories will appear in our book; in addition the top three receive a monetary prize.

1st Place Nicholas Reid - George Mason University
2nd Place Kelly Doyle - Emory University 
3rd Place Jacques Denault - Merrimack College
          Declan Falls - Carleton College 
          Sophia Jenkins - Carleton College 
          Kyandreia Jones - Hamilton College 
          Alexander Kenny - George Mason University 
          Jillian Kovach - University of New Mexico 
          Greg Lozano - Sonoma State University 
          Alexis Noel - Southern Oregon University 
          Emily Morgan - California Lutheran University
          Zakery R. Munoz - University of New Mexico
          Gabrielle Tourtellotte - George Mason University
          Jamie Wright - Colorado State University

We will announce the fifteenth finalist in the near future.

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