Thanks to Nick Reid, the first prize winner in our short story contest Stories Through The Ages, College Edition 2017, for sending us a picture of him with his $500 check,

The website has been updated with the synopsis for each story that will be in the book. There is also a button to “Reserve a Copy” to make sure you get one from the first printing. We are planning to have the book available in late June. You can read the synopses here.

Remember, submissions for our short story contests Baby Boomers Plus 2017 and Generations XYZ 2017 are open.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists in our Stories Through The Ages – College Edition.

Here is a picture of Kelly Doyle with her check for winning 2nd place.

We are pleased to publish the full list of winners and finalists for the contest.

1st Place Nicholas Reid – George Mason University
2nd Place Kelly Doyle – Emory University
3rd Place Jacques Denault – Merrimack College

Victoria Agee –  Morehead State University
Declan Falls – Carleton College
Sophia Jenkins – Carleton College
Kyandreia Jones – Hamilton College
Alexander Kenny – George Mason University
Jillian Kovach – University of New Mexico
Greg Lozano – Sonoma State University
Emily Morgan – California Lutheran University
Zakery R. Munoz – University of New Mexico
Alexis Noel – Southern Oregon University
Gabrielle Tourtellotte – George Mason University
Jamie Wright – Colorado State University