Baby Boomer judging phase is complete.

We have finished the judging phase for the Baby Boomer Plus short story contest and the finalists have been notified. This is the second book for our series, “Stories Through The Ages”. Not only did we receive stories from across the nation, the same as we did for the College Edition, but we received them from around the world. All the stories were unique, interesting, and entertaining, so it would be erroneous to suggest that there are winners and losers. The judges all agree that it has been a pleasure to read the wonderful submissions.

The stories show the best of imagination intermingled with experience. They are engaging, introspective and fun. As we prepare to announce the stories that will make up the first “Baby Boomer” book, we here at Living Springs Publishers look on in anticipation for the biographies of the authors. The judges received only the story with no indication of who wrote it, making it suspenseful to see who wrote each of the enthralling stories.

The competition for the stories is very stringent and many excellent stories will be left out of the book. We hope that those whose story was not chosen for the book will continue to write and submit to Living Spring Publishers next contest. All entries we received were very good.

Our first book “Stories Through The Ages – College Edition 2017” is a captivating book. We feel that the “Baby Boomer Plus” edition will be just as successful. If you haven’t already bought a copy of the College Edition go to our website at and get a copy.

Remember submissions for Generations XYZ are open until October 15, 2017. If you we born 1965 -1996 be sure to get your story in the contest.

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