Why we write

As technology evolves publishing the written word has become easier and easier. As a result, there is an influx of new writers taking the plunge into giving us their perspective on the world. There are thousands and thousands of new authors each year.

Many write for a sense of accomplishment. To read something that you have created is very gratifying. Authors often re-read something they wrote in the past and are amazed that it is something they produced. Simply completing a story can be gratifying.

Others write to persuade and inform the masses of people. Historians will most likely look through the corpus of new books from our era to get a true account of the world. Everyone’s perspective matters.

Numerous people write because they have a passion to do so. These are the authors who find it easy to compose a story. Matching these authors with imagination and an analytical ability we find the great literary individuals who have found fame and fortune in writing.

Some do so with the hope of gaining fortune and fame. Many have found their dreams and expectations to be fleeting. In today’s literary arena very few self-published authors make money. But as stated above there are successful authors. So, no matter what anyone says writing with a sense of confidence with hopes of fame and fortune are still good reasons to write. Dreaming and hoping for a better life is never bad. Most often than not it makes a person happy.

In the future legacy writing will be one of the main reasons people write and self-publish a book. This is such a large and growing area for new authors that I will write my next blog on the subject.

All and all, keep writing. Hopefully it triggers your imagination and keeps you smiling.

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