College Edition 2017

College Edition 2017
English 216 pages 6×9 format COLOR

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Other books in the Series 

Breathless is a poignant story of a young woman facing the sometimes overwhelming reality of adulthood. It was written with a seamless series of vivid images by Victoria Agee, who is attending Morehead State University

The Night Stealer is a marvelous fantasy in prose and verse. It tells the story of a young man’s encounter with The Night Stealer. The story is by Jacques Denault, who is attending Merrimack College.

Beautiful Things is a wonderful treatise on human emotions and our relationship with parents. A young woman sits in a train station and is approached by a homeless person who seems to represent a danger to the worried heroine. It was written by Kelly Doyle of Emory University.

Samara is a moving memoir of the death of a beloved friend at an early age. Written from the point of view of a child, the author creates a tender remembrance of the confusing and overwhelming emotion of loss. It was written by Declan Falls, who is attending Carleton College

Shutout is an excellent portrayal of the ever-changing relationship of a sister and her younger brother. The love-hate bond that evolves between siblings as they age is brilliantly described. It was written by Sophia Jenkins, who is attending Carleton College

At Home is a contemporary story about a man–a soldier, husband, and son–back from serving in Iraq and Afghanistan who is struggling with civilian life. You will feel the strong emotion the author was striving for as his mother tries to understand why her son dreams to serve a country that fails to protect him.  It was written by Kyandreia Jones, who is attending Hamilton College.

In Order For Me To Get Down, I Gotta Get In ‘D, if you are a James Brown aficionado you will recognize the title. This is a great story, well-paced, well written, with logical characters who are clearly defined. One of those stories that makes the reader want to ask, “Did this really happen?” It was written by Alexander Kenny, who is attending George Mason University

Obligation has unique characters, a cross dressing friend bored with life and twin brothers who are about as different as can be. It is a story of family, loyalty and growth.  It was written by Jillian Kovach, who is attending the University of New Mexico

Anything for my Children has a hint of Edgar Allen Poe stirring about in the plot. A father’s devotion to his children knows no bounds when it comes to indulging them. Well-crafted, leaving the ending in suspense, and then a revelation at that. It was written by Greg Lozano, who is attending Sonoma State University

Possible, Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde plays an important part in this very interesting story of a woman with a troubled personality. You might also detect a bit of Hitchcock’s Psycho with the heroine channeling the troubled Norman Bates. It was written by Emily Morgan, who is attending California Lutheran University

CONTRAILS is a marvelous and entertaining road trip to Durango, Colorado with a man and his photographer girlfriend. Some echoes of Jack Kerouac in the imagery and even the setting. It was written by Zakery R. Munoz, who is attending The University of New Mexico.

Second Street Stranger, there are certain moments in life when time moves uncomfortably slow. When those moments are combined with threatening circumstances, the effect can be life-changing. In this story, a barista encounters a man who transforms from a point of intrigue to one of repulsion. As the story unfolds, the reader will undoubtedly experience these same impulses along with her. It was written by Alexis Noel who attends Southern Oregon University.

The American Dream should be read as a play with the characters as stereotypes who develop hilarious personalities of their own.  It is a comedy with a slightly demented definition of the American Dream.  It was written by Nick Reid who is attending George Mason University.

Flight of the Blue Heron is an excellent portrayal of adolescent anguish in a difficult home setting where the heroine finds solace in nature and specifically a beautiful Blue Heron. It was written by Gabrielle Tourtellotte, who is attending George Mason University

Pretending for Annie runs the gamut of emotions from pleasure to sorrow in a well-crafted journey through the human emotions of personal loss and how to deal with it. There is a surprise ending. It was written by Jamie Sharon Wright, who is attending Colorado State University.

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