Fatherhood a Journey Through

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Published in 1997, brought back by popular demand.

What is the catalyst which has created this great need inside me to father and nurture my children? Why is it so important to have my children learn the genuine values and principles of life? What is so important about having genuine values passed on from generation to generation? What experiences from my past have molded and created my values? Why do I care so much about the well being of my offspring when they have mocked me, kicked me, spit at me and at times made my life miserable? Why do some fathers give up on their children and fail to take responsibility for them?

In my quest to answer these questions and begin a legacy for my children to pass on to my generations to come, I decided to write a book dealing with past experiences. By using stories factual to the degree in which I remembered them, I wanted to illustrate the standards and principles which in turn, will positively influence the behavior of my descendants.

There are so many ways of parenting; my intention is not to deal with the specifics of parenting a child in a certain situation, but to take a idealistic position in conveying my desires. The only way I know how to pass on my experiences is through the perspective of a father. To take the feelings beyond what society expects, to my own personal plateau, and express what I want for my children, regardless of what is expected by others.

This book began as a letter, to be passed on to my children and grandchildren, describing the mistakes I have made in life, and the lessons I have learned. I wanted my descendants to gain from the strengths and frailties of their ancestors, to acquire knowledge from our mistakes, and understand that everyone is not perfect.