Contest FAQ

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Q: Is there a prompt for this contest?
No, there is no special theme and all genres and subjects will be considered.

Q: How long does my story need to be?
The word count for the Generations XYZ and College Edition is between 1500 – 4000 words. For the Baby Boomer contest it is 700 – 4000 words.

Q: Do I have to write about being a “boomer” in order to enter the Baby Boomer Plus contest?
No, you have to fall within the age group to qualify for the Baby Boomer Plus contest. You can write about whatever you want. Part of the fun of the series will be to see what the different age groups choose to write about and how they handle the topics.

Q: I sent you a message and have not gotten a reply.
A: Check your Spam folder.

Q: I submitted my story but did not pay the entry fee.
A: Press here to go to the payment page for the college edition, or here for Baby Boomer.

Q: Can I submit an entry under using a pen name?
A: Yes, as long as we have valid information for contacting you.

Q: Will you consider my play manuscript?
A: Yes, plays and short stories are both valid submissions.

Q: Will you consider my poem?
A: We could not judge a poem fairly against a short story. If there is enough interest we will consider a book of poems for another contest. Let us know if you are interested in a contest for poems.

Q: Can I use a payment method other than Credit Card or PayPal?
A: Yes, email us and let us know you need to pay using a different method. We will send you instructions.

Q: Do you accept simultaneous submissions?
A: Yes we do accept simultaneous submissions. If your short story is chosen as one of the top fifteen in our contest, we would expect exclusive rights to it. Or, if it were accepted for another publication we would not be able to use it. So, if Living Springs Publishers and another publication both want to use the piece, you would have to choose and withdraw it from one. There is a link to the contract you would be asked to sign below.

Q: May I see the Publisher’s contract Finalists are asked to sign?
A: Yes, Example Short Story Pub Agreement.